Highest Paying Jobs In California

The 8 Highest Paying Jobs In California in 2022

The cost of living in California is high, and career choice is crucial because your decision will affect your finances and your entire life. We know how important money is when choosing a career, which is why we have carefully described the highest-paying jobs in California.

However, money shouldn’t play the main role in choosing a career, but desire and passion should.

However, we examine the best-paying jobs in California, USA; salaries, job descriptions, and requirements.

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Can I get a high-paying job in California without a college degree?

Yes, even without a college degree, it is possible to get one of the highest-paying jobs in California.

However, there may be other requirements.

Below is a list of the highest paying jobs in California without a college degree according to indeed.com:

  • Police Officer: $73,852 per year.
  • Nuclear power plant operator: $73,649 per year.
  • Boilermaker: $77,003 per year.
  • Web developer: $77,742 a year.
  • Receptionist: $78,173 per year.
  • Sales Manager: $78,244 per year.
  • Massage therapist: $83 107 per year.
  • Tanker driver: $84 532 per year.
  • HVAC Supervisor: 86 000 per year.

 The 8 highest-paying jobs in California

Here’s an overview of the 15 highest-paying jobs in California:

1. Podiatrist

  • Salary: $165,085.

Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in treating lower extremity disorders. They treat diseases of the foot, ankle, and other parts of the leg with non-surgical and surgical methods. Orthopedists treat foot injuries and complications caused by medical problems such as diabetes.

A degree in biology or related science is required to practice as an orthopedic surgeon. Podiatry school studies the interaction of bones, nerves, and muscles, as well as diseases and injuries that can affect the lower extremity.

After studying podiatry, graduates spend three years working in hospitals, where they put their knowledge into practice.

2. Petroleum engineers

  • Salary: $163,272.

Petroleum engineering is one of the highest-paying professions in the United States. A petroleum engineer is a professional who designs and develops methods for extracting oil and gas.

Petroleum engineers produce hydrocarbons as efficiently as possible. Their goal is also to eliminate or manage any operational disasters or problems that may impact the environment. A degree in petroleum engineering or a related field is required to specialize in petroleum engineering.

3. Air traffic controller

  • Salary: $162,407.

Air traffic controllers are professionals who specialize in the safe and orderly management of air traffic within the global air traffic control system. They work in air traffic control towers, air traffic control centers, and on the ground.

Air traffic controllers monitor visually and by radar the position, speed, and altitude of aircraft in their assigned airspace and give instructions to pilots by radio. To work as an air traffic controller in California, you must be a U.S citizen, under 30 years of age, pass a medical and safety exam, and be fluent in English.

You must get a college degree under the Air Traffic Control Training Initiative (AT-CTI).

4. Pharmacist

  • Salary: $161,542.

A pharmacist is a member of the medical staff who inspects, prepares, stores, and administers medications. A pharmacist also advises on medication administration and medical advice. Besides their duties, pharmacists act as primary health care providers.

To become a pharmacist, you need to have completed basic education, i.e. a degree in this field. In addition, you must be registered as a pharmacist with the GPhC and have a license to practice.

5. director

  • Salary: $155,881.

The manager takes a leadership role in the organization and manages a team of staff. There are different managers with different job roles and responsibilities. Managers often act as a communication bridge between management and employees.

6. Nursing Midwives

  • Salary: $160,258

Nursing and midwifery are one of the highest-paid professions in the United States. Midwives are skilled health care professionals who work in a wide variety of clinical disciplines. They diagnose, treat, and refer patients to specialists.

Midwives also provide care to women during their pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Midwives inform women about safe and natural methods of childbirth that are healthy and optimal.

7. Financial administrators

  • Salary: $161,267.

According to labormarketinfo.edu, one of the highest-paid occupations in California is the financial manager. A financial manager manages one of the most important and complex areas of a business: finances.

A financial manager is a financial management professional who handles the financial affairs of a company. A financial manager must be able to calculate, analyze and forecast.

Finance managers are responsible for developing and adhering to procedures for raising funds, allocating resources, planning income and expenses, etc.

8. Head of the Human Resources Department

  • Salary: $143,060.

The human resources manager is a professional who oversees the administrative and organizational functions of a community, business, or store. The human resource manager is the liaison between company management and employees.

The human resource manager often heads the personnel department and ensures the smooth operation of the company. The human resources manager also facilitates the recruitment and hiring process within the company. He or she also resolves disputes and oversees disciplinary measures.

However, the work of a human resources manager is essential and is found in all work environments. A human resources manager is usually responsible for the welfare of employees and the efficient management of the company.

To become a human resources manager, it is necessary to possess certain interpersonal skills that are essential in the field of human relations. These skills include patience, organization, ethics and morality, and excellent leadership skills.


Choosing a profession should be based on passion and desire, not just money. However, we hope that we have assisted you in finding the highest-paying job in California.

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