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Best 7 Online Cryptocurrency Trading Course In 2022

The fall and rise of cryptocurrency markets, especially the “fall”, are making headlines daily. Online trading of cryptocurrencies is gradually becoming a profitable investment. The best way to get started is to take an online course on cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $1 trillion as of February 1.75.

Cryptocurrencies are the subject of various speculations and ideologies. In early February 2022, the Indian Finance Minister stated that cryptocurrencies would never be legal tender.

Nevertheless, many international companies now accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment. In layman’s terms, this is simply a Ponzi chain, crowdfunding, or “cashing in” as quickly as possible. Is that all you need to know about cryptocurrencies?

Learning is the best way to get better at anything. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to school to learn. There are reputable online courses about cryptocurrencies that will teach you and help you trade.

In this article, we have listed some online cryptocurrency courses that you can take in 2022. They are all highlighted in the table of contents.

What is cryptocurrency?

The term “cryptocurrency” refers to a digital currency in which transactions are verified, and data is kept by a decentralized system that uses cryptography rather than a centralized entity.

Cryptocurrencies are classified by Kaspersky Lab as digital payment systems that do not rely on banks to verify transactions. Peer-to-peer technology enables payments to be sent and received by anyone, anywhere.

Cryptocurrencies, according to, refer to the technology used to facilitate various financial transactions. When cryptocurrencies are used for transactions, they are recorded in a public registry. Owners of cryptocurrencies store them in digital wallets.

In simple terms, cryptocurrency refers to a set of encrypted data that denotes a currency.

Can I learn cryptocurrency for free?

Yes, you can learn cryptocurrencies for free. That is the internet’s and websites’ beauty.

Many trusted websites offer reliable information about cryptocurrencies. All you need is a phone number and your contact information. Besides learning on websites, you can also learn from cryptocurrency influencers on popular social media sites.

Some people dedicate their social media pages to learning what they do from their numerous followers. Use “cryptocurrency” as a keyword and add these influencers.

You can be informed when they write new articles about cryptocurrency trading. Finally, you can also find free and reputable online courses about cryptocurrencies. Visit Coinbase, Coursera, Edx, and Udemy to find introductory courses on cryptocurrencies.

How to start learning crypto currency?

Best Online Cryptocurrency Trading Course:

1. What is the blockchain and cryptocurrency

This course is taught by Andrew Wu and Robert Dittmar at the University of Michigan. More than 27,167 students signed up for the course on February 3. The course covers the technical basics of blockchain. It also teaches important concepts such as decentralization and consensus algorithms.

It is a beginner course that lasts about 9 hours and is available in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish, and English.

2. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology

Arvid Narayan is reading this course on He is a professor at Princeton University. Students in this course will learn to separate reality from fiction when reading claims about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

They will also learn the conceptual foundations they need to develop secure software that interacts with networks. The course starts on February 3 and is completely free.

Read the course schedule below:

  • Introduction to Currencies and Cryptocurrencies.
  • How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization.
  • The mechanism of Bitcoin.
  • How to store and use Bitcoins.
  • The mining of Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin and anonymity.

3. cryptocurrency investing course 2022

Suppoman offers this course on It teaches everything about investing in cryptocurrencies. In about ten hours, students learn to identify cryptocurrencies with great potential, make huge profits, and conserve them.

4. The Cryptocurrencies Basics

George Levy teaches how to use, buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies in a first-class video course.

The course provides a clear understanding of cryptocurrency and how different types of cryptocurrencies work. Students will also have a solid knowledge of discussing and using cryptocurrencies safely.

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, it would help if you had an interest in learning what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, and how they are used.

The course sells for $104.90 but currently costs $25.98.

5. Become a trader of TraderCobb

Tradercobb is a professional cryptocurrency trader and trainer. Their CEO, Craig Cobb, is a cryptocurrency trader and host of the crypto show Tradercobb. Over the years, Tradercobb has worked with major players such as Forbes, NYSE, and iTunes, ICE, etc.

He offers a free course that lasts about 3.5 hours. The course is available for both professional traders and beginners.

Masters Becoming a Trader costs $899.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Basics of trading.
  • Reading charts and graphs.
  • Understanding the effect of prices.
  • Which indicators to use or ignore.
  • Dealing with risk.
  • Determining the trend.

6. Chris Harun’s the complete cryptocurrencies course 

Chris Harun is an award-winning MBA professor, venture capitalist, and author. Chris has founded several businesses and is one of Udemy’s highest-rated professors.

He offers 5 courses on Udemy titled: The Complete Cryptocurrency Course for $100.90. More than 138,666 students have registered and completed this course.

Judging by the reviews and the instructor’s profile, you are in good hands with this course. The course costs only $19.98.

7. Cryptocurrency trading

Wealthy Education offers this course on Udemy. The course teaches how to use the most profitable technical indicators and chart patterns. In addition, students learn how to use levels, trend lines, and channels to create charts.

Students also learn how to trade rounding highs and lows.

This course costs $120.90 and requires the following requirements:

  • A FREE TradingView account for chart analysis.
  • Sign up for free cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • Sign up for free cryptocurrency trading accounts.
  • Strong desire to become wealthy and retire early.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Don’t skip class (all classes are important!).
  • No technical or background knowledge is required to participate in this course!


Studying cryptocurrencies is one way to get started. This article compiles a list of the best courses for trading cryptocurrencies in 2022. Check out the cost, course schedule, and duration to choose the best course for you.

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